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We hear of the stark sentimentalist, who talks as if there were no problem at all: as if physical kindness would cure everything: as if one need only pat Nero and stroke Ivan the Terrible. This mere belief in bodily humanitarianism is not … [Read more]

Cardinal Ber …. Oooo! a Squirrel!

Distraction is an interior fracture.  it will never lead the person to encounter himself, for it impedes him from looking into the mirror of his heart. Collecting oneself is the beginning." - Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis) Odds are you are … [Read more]

Jimmy Fallon and the Comedy of Personhood

If you've spent more than 2 hours on Facebook a week, it's likely one of your 'friends' has posted a video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He has take over the video-waves with a brilliant social media strategy that, fortunately for him, has the … [Read more]

Tribes by Seth Godin

I remember in my second year of undergrad philosophy studying the writings of the pre-Socratic named Heraclitus. I found him most interesting. Whereas others in his era had though that the main element was one of the four elements, wind, fire, water, … [Read more]

Overcome with Paschal Joy

Happy Easter. It was a long and arduous Lent. Now we have just finished this 8 day celebration of one day and an entire celebration of one event. Jesus Christ is risen from the dead. I don't know about you, but this gets me super excited. I just want … [Read more]

Writers Read and Readers Write

A friend of mine has a blog by the title of Writers Read and Readers Write. That phrase has stuck with me since she started it. I want to affirm her statement as true. The past six months have been the driest time for me in reading since I willing … [Read more]

The Best Books Read in 2014 no. 8

Looking over the whole list, this year was a year of non-fiction. Only three novels top the year. #8 is a sort of hybrid. Otto Penzler, at least at the time of the publishing of the soon to be mentioned book, was the operator of a mystery/detective … [Read more]

The Best Books Read in 201 no. 9

Part of the reason I read fewer books this year is that I took on two massive books of near to or over a thousand pages, the first of which shows up in today's #9 spot. Due to HBO, popular culture is well aware of George R.R. Martin's A Game of … [Read more]

Best Books Read in 2014 No. 10

So it's been a long time since I've been on here. I took an unannounced leave of absence for no particular great reason, but for those of you who are still reading this blog, I am back and hope to be producing more regular content. To that end, it's … [Read more]

Parker Duofold (or How a Pen Can Reveal the Unconditional Generosity of God)

In the previous part of my "pen" series, I reflected on the gift and the joy of writing letters. It has drawn me closer to a unique community of people who collect and use fin writing instruments. I have connected with one particular gentleman named … [Read more]