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Sports Fathers #24

One of the results of attending the Catholic New Media Conference is that you connect with other people who are doing new media, which inevitably means you begin to show up elsewhere in the interwebs as guests or in other capacities.

One of the people I connected with was Fr. Darryl Millette who is from Saskatoon, Saskachawan, Canada. Eh. Along with running his own cleverly titled website,, he is also the editor-in-chief and host of a sports podcast called TheSportsFathers (which sounded at first like an athletic religious order who works with Fellowship of Christian Athletes).

To make a short story long (I hate that saying, but it is now appropriate, urgh), I sat in on the last episode of TheSportsFathers. We talked baseball and the World Series. I haven’t talked baseball in fifteen years, easy. Then we talked the Saints, yay! They talked about hockey, and I l laughed. It was all a lot of fun.

Go check us out.