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Loss & Mystery (And Why We Care About MH370)

"There's a plane missing in the Indian Ocean," says the guy in front of me in class. He then pulls up a website with all the data, information and stats, a website exclusively devoted to the search for Flight MH370. It was 12 days ago and I had my … [Read more]

The Apology

I have had to make this type of post to often and it bothers me, because I hate not doing something I love and something that I feel is important. Over these last few months, life has been a little bumpy not because of exterior happiness, interiorly. … [Read more]

My Reading Wishlist for 2014

After reflecting on the best books I read last year, I found myself looking on my bookshelves (both analog and digital) for what I would read this year. I've never made a reading wishlist because I knew I would never well fulfill it, but I figure … [Read more]

Top Ten Books Read in 2013 – 1

Sorry for the wait. I have no excuse. (sad puppy dog face) Anyway, the best book I read last year is by an author who has already been top of my list before and has already appeared on the list this year. Josef Pieper's On Hope is one of those life … [Read more]

Sports Father #28

Myself and a few other priests, all of whom know and understand degrees Celsius, talk sports. They talked about hockey. When baseball (the hall of fame picks of course) was mentioned I could chime in. Then finally we got to my beloved Saints. Who … [Read more]

“Our Finest Hour” (Or, American Christianity Today)

When I get on the blog-o-sphere these days, I get the unsettling vibe that many of my brothers & sisters in Christ are none too pleased to be a Christian in American these days. Admittedly, this is not the Christian faith's most popular hour. … [Read more]

Top Ten Books Read in 2013 -2

My familiarity with Neil Gaiman came from his penning the comic book series Sandman, which admittedly and ashamedly I've never read. He instantly became a cool cat for though when I found out that he writes his novels with a Lamy 2000 fountain pen. … [Read more]

Top Ten Books Read in 2013 – 3

Last summer we attempted to run a second Reverenced Reading Summer Reading Extravaganza. The book I ambitiously (I repeat ... ambitiously) choose was Michael O'Brien's The Father's Tale. Yes, I understood it was as large as my dictionary, but oh, the … [Read more]

Top Ten Books Read in 2013 – 4

Sorry for the slack in posts the last few days. Saturday took all day and it took Sunday and Monday to recover. Tuesday is no excuse. This next book is nothing new for the blog (if you happened to following us this long ago). Two years ago, I … [Read more]

Top Ten Books Read in 2013 – 5

For the past eight years or so, the popular theological buzz has been around Bl. John Paul II Wednesday audiences collected as his pinnacle work, the Theology of the Body. Everyone seems to talk about how revolutionary his insights into the human … [Read more]