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New Leaf

If we haven’t lost whatever regular reader base we have through, well not giving them things to read, I am grateful. I can speak only for myself and not for Daniel, but knowing him well enough, he had a similar story to tell, in different words and style, but with the same resounding ring.

I haven’t written because frankly I haven’t sat down to write. At times that has been because I didn’t want to write, other times because I wanted to but didn’t have the time, or still other times when I had the time and had nothing to write. It seems difficult that a non-fiction writer could run into writer’s block with there being a vast number of things I could have possibly commented on in the past six months. But here I sit, acknowledging to you a weakness I have felt in myself.

At this point, you might be wonder (or I might be overstating my own self-importance), that I might be signing off for good from the blog-o-sphere. Indeed, that thought had passed my mind, because it is the easy way out. However, I picked up this particular venture not just for my own growth as a writer, or merely as a means to find reflection for the thoughts in my head (when they came), but also as a means to evangelize, however small my reach is.

Part of my difficulty is my lack of natural organizational skills which often leave me doing lots of things in no particular order and without direction. That is one of my daily crosses (a nod to this past weekend’s Gospel) because it prevents me endeavoring on such things as writing, journaling, and other things that are enjoyable to me and fruitful to my mind. But me aside (because that’s what St. John the Baptist has called me today on the feast of his nativity), I realize that this space can be a vehicle for the New Evangelization, and this is where my greatest sorrow in not writing lies. Here I have a vehicle to proclaim Christ, in a means instantly attainable, and yet I am absent.

So it is time to turn over a new leaf to replant the tree of creativity letting the words flow like the might Mississippi that rolls unimpeded two blocks from here. I invite your encouragement on the regular social media rounds (twitter: @colonel4God) because I know that I will need it.

About Fr. Kyle

I am a priest of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. I was born and raised right outside New Orleans. I attended Catholic school my entire educational career. By the time I graduated high school, I had two paths to choose: rockstar or priesthood. I pursued both for awhile but eventually came to the understanding God's will was priesthood and my will was rockstardom. After making that decision, to allow God's will to be mine, I needed a new way to channel my creativity. I began writing as I finished up my formation for priesthood. I still play music, but priestly ministry comes first. My bride: St. Rita of Cascia Parish in Harahan, LA.

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