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El Primer

Ahh….finally posting my for the first time on this blog after over a week of contemplating a post.

Over the past four months or so, I’ve be gradually making my way through a book titled “It Is You I Beckon” by Bishop Joseph Angrisani, written in 1957. It is a series of 100 3-page (roughly)reflections on a variety of topics all in the realm of seminarian living and priestly formation, and is based on the document Menti Nostrae by Pope Pius XII. The subtitle is “A Book of Spiritual Inspiration for Seminarians” and it has certainly inspired me in many ways and thus I would strongly suggest this book as well for all those in formation, and could be useful as well for those not in formation just for the value of some of the reflections. The passage that I have been reflecting on today is from the 91st chapter, which quotes of the document MN: “Since [the priest] must be freed from the worries of the world and consecrate himself entirely to the service of God, the Church has set up the law of celibacy, to make it increasingly clear to all men that the priest is a minister of God and a father of souls. By this law of celibacy the priest not only does not completely deprive himself of the office of father, but rather his is a father in a much fuller measure, since he brings forth offspring, not for this earthly and transitory life, but for the life which is heavenly and will remain forever.” This really stuck out to me because of the news that Fr. Cutie has abandoned his priesthood and the faith in favor of marriage to a divorced woman.

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